myLEASE® powered by LCA

Provide your customers with a quick and simple way to get a quote and apply online in minutes.

Start offering equipment financing the easy way with myLEASE®

myLEASE is a customized, online financing portal that can be accessed from your website, via computer, tablet or smart phone, to provide customers - and sales reps - a quote estimating tool, as well as a way to apply online in minutes.

It's like having another sales person that works 24 hours a day. Close more deals and increase your profit margins through financing with LCA.

Access Anywhere

myLEASE dynamically adjusts to fit the screen size of any device - laptop, tablet or smartphone - it is not just the entire site shrunken down.

How it Works

When a quote is submitted, the customer gets an automatic confirmation e-mail; the equipment supplier and LCA also receive a notification that someone is interested in financing.

Apply Now

Apply Now buttons are strategically located throughout the myLEASE site - and in the quote submission e-mail - to make it easy for customers to submit applications.

Customized Design

Each myLEASE site is created with the company's logo, exact color palette and a hero image chosen by that business. We try and make the transition from the corporate site to myLEASE as seamless as possible to create continuity.

"We have had myLEASE on our site for a few months...

and we received a credit application at 11:00 p.m. for a little over $800,000. We closed the deal and got it funded! I am considering myLEASE another salesperson... one that doesn't sleep. I am glad we incorporated this tool!"

- CFO, Auto Dealership

Request a demonstration of our online myLEASE® quoting tool

Interested in adding a custom myLEASE site to your sale repertoire? The LCA team wants to walk you through the entire process. The tool is specially designed to be simple and effective. We are confident that after seeing the benefits and potential, you are ready to have your own tool built. As an added bonus, the demonstration is absolutely FREE to you as one of our valued LCA partners.