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Equipment Financing

  • What is the procedure for financing equipment? How does it work?

    Step One: Equipment Supplier proposes a financing option to the Customer to acquire necessary equipment and Customer accepts

    Step Two: Equipment Supplier has Customer complete a credit application and submits to LCA

    Step Three: LCA performs a credit review

    Step Four: If approved, Customer will be sent financing documents electronically

    Step Five: LCA receives all executed documents and approves delivery of equipment

    Step Six: Equipment is delivered and accepted by Customer

    Step Seven: LCA pays for the equipment and commences the financing agreement

  • How do I get set-up as a partner with LCA?

    First, call our sales department at 800-800-8098 or email us.

  • How do I get started?

    Please call us at 800-800-8098 or send us an email.

    After speaking with an Account Executive, you will be asked to submit an Equipment Supplier Profile to become an approved LCA equipment provider.

    Once you are an approved provider, you will be provided with documents including a Credit Application and a sample Lease Agreement.

    You will also be provided training by your dedicated Account Executive, walking you through the steps to use equipment financing as a tool to close more deals.

    Based on your needs, custom marketing materials will be generated to further help you go your to market efforts with leasing:  digital program flyers, payment proposal generators and rate sheets.

  • Who qualifies for financing with LCA?

    LCA finances equipment for commercial businesses, associations, non-profit organizations and municipalities.

  • How soon will I be paid for the equipment?

    After the delivery and acceptance, payment is made as soon as 24 hours, with direct deposit.

  • What is LCA's average turnaround time for credit decisions?

    For Applications under $150,000 the turnaround time for credit decisions is 2- 4 hours. Applications over $150,000 may require additional time and documentation

  • Why should you use LCA as your equipment financing partner?

    Competitive financing rates with LCA Bank Corporation 

    FREE Proposal Generator - create a professional financing quote just by entering an equipment cost

    FREE Marketing Support - LCA can work with you to create promotional materials to advertise your customer financing program

    Pre-funding up to 100% available - subject to equipment supplier approval

    Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits

    LCA will prepare the financing documents and manage the entire process

    eSignature lease documents

    Standard and specialized financing programs including LCA's 12-month 0% interest or zero down, 90 days deferred

    Prompt service - dedicated LCA Account Executive and same-day funding available

    LCA is a direct funding source with its own banking subsidiary - LCA Bank Corporation

Get more information or request an equipment financing quote

Get more information or request an equipment financing quote