Working Capital
with LCA

The options to use your working capital are near endless; from inventory and payroll to marketing and unexpected business expenses - it's up to you!

Get your Working Capital Fast!

Lease Corporation of America offers quick access to working capital lines of credit with high approval rates. The process at LCA is simple, easy, and without the hassle of traditional bank loans. There is no cost or obligation for LCA to provide you with an offer. Let us get you the working capital you need today!

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How it Works

A working capital loan allows you to continue your daily operations should you encounter untimely cash flow issues, seasonal fluctuations, or need to finance new equipment. Working Capital allows you to invest in your business to cover necessary operating expenses.


To get started, simply fill out a quick, easy application.

Get Approved

Qualified applicants can receive an approval in as quick as one day.

Get Funded

Once approved, you can have your funds within three business days.

What You'll Need

Securing working capital involves an application process like any other loan. You’ll want to have your financing in order and understand your needs before starting the loan application process. There are several factors that we will consider when providing working capital.


FICO Score


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